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Covid-19 guidelines and policy

To ensure that the experiences we deliver are as safe as possible for all attendees, staff, talent and the local community, we require that anyone entering the event presents the following:


  • Proof of double vaccination. This can be shown on either the NHS Covid Pass app,  EU Covid Passport app, or an equivalent of the two.

  • Proof of a negative lateral flow test that has been taken within 48 hours of attendance. You can do this by either showing the NHS Covid Pass app, an NHS result email or SMS.

  • Proof that you are exempt from vaccines and tests. You can find guidance on how to prove this on the NHS website.

Covid vaccine cards will not be accepted as proof of vaccine.


Admission will be denied to anyone who is unable to provide proof of one of the three resources listed above. We ask you to respect that this is industry standard, and the only way to move forward with such events today.




Below you can find some answers to common questions related to Covid-19 and entry into The Great Feast at Old Selfridges Hotel.

How do I present proof of my vaccine/negative test on the day?


If you are double vaccinated, have a negative lateral flow test, or an exemption, simply present the NHS Covid Pass app, email, SMS, or proof of exemption at the door before entering the Great Feast.


Do I get a refund if I turn up with no proof of a double vaccine,  negative test or exemption?


Our terms state clearly that to deliver a safe environment we must see proof of a double vaccine, negative lateral flow test or exemption. These terms must be accepted to purchase tickets, and therefore we will not issue a refund to anyone who doesn’t agree to our conditions of entry.


How do I prove I have been double vaccinated?


Visit the NHS website, or download the NHS Covid Pass app to walk through the process of verifying your vaccinations. You can also use the EU Covid Passport or other international certification.


Where can I get a lateral flow test?


According to NHS advice, you can order test kits to your home here, pick up tests from a pharmacy or pick up kits at a test site.

I have had a positive PCR test within the last 180 days. Do I have to do another test?


No. Your positive test will appear on the NHS App and will be accepted as proof of natural immunity so long as it is within the 180 days since you took your test.

Where do I get the NHS App or NHS Covid Pass app?


You can find the apps in Apple App Store, Google Play, or wherever you usually download your apps.


I am exempt from being vaccinated or tested. What do I need to do?


According to NHS advice, those who are exempt must apply for proof of evidence that they are exempt from getting vaccinated or tested. Once this is complete, your status will show on the NHS Covid Pass app and you can enter the venue like all other attendees. For more information on how to apply, click here.